Access to government services in Jersey

Activate your onegov account

You need to use the free digital identity app Yoti to securely prove your identity.


What is Yoti?

Yoti is the new way to prove who you are in Jersey.

The Government of Jersey have partnered with Yoti to make it easier and more secure to access government services online and in person.

Yoti screen
Liberation group
The Channel Islands co-operative Society Limited
  1. Download the free Yoti app on your smartphone

    Visit the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

    Find out more about Jersey’s digital ID provider

  2. Create Yoti account

    Open the Yoti app on your smartphone.

    Tap the Create a Yoti button.

    Complete registration process.

    Yoti registration
  3. Add an ID document to your Yoti

    Tap ID documents from the homescreen.

    Tap the Add ID document button.

    Scan document

    Make sure you select Jersey as your chosen country for Jersey issued documents.

    Yoti accepts a passport as a form of ID document.

    Information on other forms of ID

    Adding an ID document should take a couple of minutes to complete and for the ID document to be approved.

    Scan document
  4. Add an email address to your Yoti

    Tap Personal details from the homescreen and select Email.

    Tap the Add email button.

    Add your email address and verify it using the verification code that is sent to the email address you provided.

    Your email address is used to link your onegov account to your Yoti.

  5. Scan code with Yoti


    Open and log in to your Yoti app on your phone.

    Tap the Scan button.

    Scan the Yoti QR code below:

    Use Yoti

    Yoti scan button

    Yoti use a two-dimensional barcode that you scan with your Yoti app in order to continue. These codes are used to securely pass information.

    Yoti call them Yoti QR Codes.

    Yoti QR Code